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Because of the greater opportunities that someone in my position has to affect the message, I think the title “editor” is somewhat archaic.  Choosing the right takes, tone, and rhythm is vital, but I also like to do my own sound design and be directly involved in graphics, music, and color.  I’m happy assuming as much ownership of the project as is permitted, and usually, in the early stages, it takes ownership of me.  I like to get immersed and unlock as many combinations as I can from what lies within the footage.  Delivering a well-hewn version of the storyboard is essential, but I also like to have fun on a conceptual level.  Taking a writer’s perspective often uncovers different stories or alternate ways to deliver the message.  Most importantly, I want the end product to strike the right tone and have as much emotional resonance as possible.   I cut on Avid.  I also like to use Photoshop, After Effects, ProTools, Reason, Garage Band, pencils, and paper.  Whatever helps get my ideas from brain to screen.

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